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Product Tour A fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining your website.

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Over 85 styles designed by brand name designers.

  • 1,2,3 column layouts
  • Top and Bottom Navigation
  • Drop down menus
  • "Point and Click" visual design
  • 100% Customizable

Robust typographic systems.

Automatic conversion of dashes and quotes to high-ascii entities ensures your text is beautiful and readable. Automatic MS word formatting stripping for pastes, and more.

Built for discerning developers.

Overrides are available for any style on our system, and developers have access to full CSS control. No part of our system will impede a completely custom website design.

  • Extensible template system with style import/export
  • Favicon customization
  • Style preview interface to view existing styles on your live site.
  • Squarespace style sheets support math operations and conditional expressions, making life easy for template designers.


SEO optimized.

Squarespace sites include clean article links, proper tagging, and valid XHTML code. All which make your site loved by search engines.

Completely custom WYSIWYG editing interface.

We don't use an out of the box WYSIWYG system for our editor. Ours is designed from the ground up to flawlessly integrate with our environment and give you the control you need.

Anti spam.

Integrated distributed anti-spam system blocks over 99.5% of incoming spam. Our system blocks millions of spam comments a day, and leverages activity across our entire network to defend your site.

Built for Podcasting.

Code insertion and video insertion directly from our WYSIWYG interface. Full iTunes tag support.

Moblogging support.

Post via email support with automatic image resizing.

This List Goes On and On...

  • XML-RPC pinging mechanisms to ensure your site is searched by all major search engines as soon as you post.
  • Feedburner support. Plug in your feedburner feed and Squarespace will replace our feed URLs across our entire system for you. RSS feeds are fully embedded into every blog posting.
  • Entry scheduling let you schedule entries to be published in the future, and also lets you set cut-off dates to stop accepting new post comments.
  • Extremely flexible post display options. Every item on a post can be re-ordered or renamed to fit your site style.
  • Media management and image resizing built WYSIWYG.
  • XML-RPC blogging client support.
  • Printer friendly and e-mailable article links for every entry. Share this entry button included on each entry to enable social syndication.
  • Permalinks, ShareThis, Comments, Trackbacks, and Date text and position are fully configurable on every single post. No option is pre-set.
  • Valid RSS, ATOM, and RDF syndication.
  • Multiple ways to edit: Textile, Markdown, Raw HTML, and WYSIWYG.
  • Trackbacks and references support.
  • Group entries into categories, use tags to sort entries.
  • Full archiving system allows for easy entry searching. Day, week, month, and category based archives.
  • iTunes RSS tag support for podcasters.


Full statistics system.

Squarespace monitors your sites visitor counts, including raw, unique, and robot hits.

Real-time statistics.

Your site statistics are computed every 30 seconds, for a real-time view of your numbers.

Beautiful statistics display.

Squarespace contains custom visualization for all of your important website traffic.

RSS subscriber tracking.

Squarespace can track your RSS subscriber numbers without the need for additional plugins.

Google PageRank tracking.

Squarespace supports tracking Google PageRank right from your site's dashboard.

Referrers and Query tracking.

Squarespace lets you know where your visitors are coming from, and what keywords are leading visitors to your website.

Top content tracking.

Quickly identify the top performing content on your website.

Visitor analysis and browser tracking.

Track what operating systems and browsers your users are using to visit your site.

Detailed visitor logs.

See every single click on your website, and what your website visitors are doing minute by minute.

Website change tracking logs.

See every change that was made on your website, and who made it.


We use it.

Our front site, www.squarespace.com, is just a Squarespace website called 'www'. All of our websites, including our own, are served from the same powerful infrastructure.

Grid computing — accessible by everyone.

Squarespace websites are hosted on a grid, which means that if your site gets on CNN -- it stays up, no matter the traffic. The systems serving your website are already serving millions of hits per day.

99.98% Uptime. Battle hardened architecture.

Squarespace has been in business for over 5 years. We've ensured our system is robust through real world use, not lab testing.

Pre-optimized for traffic.

Caching? Partial rendering? Load balancing? Scaling up? It's all handled. Squarespace sites are on a grid. This is not shared hosting.

Only premium customers.

Unlike our competitors, our architecture is populated with only serious users. There are no free accounts consuming 99% of the resources for the servers you're on.

Outstanding vendors.

Squarespace is built with Oracle Coherence, Microsoft SQL Server, Dell hardware, and is hosted at a world class data center in New York City.

Outstanding datacenter.

Squarespace is hosted at Peer1 Network in New York City, which guarantees 100% uptime to its clients.

Stable business model.

Squarespace has been profitable from its first year of existence, and we remain that way. No outside investments are propping up our business model.

Relentless monitoring.

Squarespace has over 300 functional checks, monitored at 20 second intervals, with engineers on call should there be an issue with our system. Since our business is at stake, we respond instantaneously to all issues.

IP access filters

Squarespace gives you fine grained control over who can visit your site, and what IPs are logged while visiting.


Custom domain support.

Squarespace lets you map your domain transparently over ours, ensuring visitors never see a Squarespace domain when viewing your site.

Total editorial control.

Want advertising on your site? A tip jar? Paypal links? Go for it. Squarespace does not place advertising on any website on our service, and you're free to monetize your site in any way you want.


All Squarespace sites include a robust feature set of modules or building blocks that you can use to create your site
  • Blog
  • Photo Gallery
  • File Storage
  • Forum
  • Change Tracker
  • Google Maps
  • Amazon Items

Rapid, on site structuring and page insertion.

All Squarespace sites are entirely configurable directly from our user interface. Pages can be added and re-arranged by dragging and dropping right on your live site.
  • Squarespace is compatible with all widgets on the web. Add widgets to your site's sidebar in just a few quick steps.
  • Custom URL mapping module allows you to re-point URLs to anywhere on your site, making your site accessible and intelligent.
  • Conditionally visible site sections allow you to control when and how sections appear to your visitors.
  • Set up stylesheets that only display on certain pages of your site, allowing for very dynamic and deep site designs.


Many presentation options.

Squarespace galleries can be presented to show single galleries, groups of galleries, image thumbnails, full images, and more.

All Squarespace galleries come pre-loaded with a lightbox implementation that allows for beautiful full browser sized imagery.

Hover effects and transitions.

Multiple lightweight hover and resize effects come standard with every gallery.

Automatic image resizing.

Set parameters to auto-resize images added from your camera, avoiding tedious steps when taking your pictures to the web.

Media RSS built in.

All Squarespace galleries fully support Media RSS, opening up a world of extensions and presentation options to your viewers. Popular plugins like Cooliris are fully supported.


Squarespace has an internal search engine that constantly updates with all changes to your site. Don't rely on an external crawler which may or may not visit your site regularly to provide your readers with accurate search.

Immediately updated.

Squarespace search is updated with your site's content within 15 seconds of any updates.

Instant results.

Our search engine is built on the Apache Lucene core, meaning that your search results return in a split second.

Works with private site areas.

Squarespace's search is fully integrated with its permissions and authentication system. Have a private site? No problem. Members can search any area of your site they have access to, regardless of if the public can see that area.


Powerful membership and permissions system.

All parts of your site can be marked as private, public, or editable.

Audiences system.

Segment out parts of your site to display differently for various site member audiences.

Multiple editors.

The Unlimited plan supports multiple website editors: join forces to write blogs and maintain website content!

  • Members can subscribe to content on any page of your site, allowing them to receive email updates when things change.
  • Member signup modules automate the signup process for new members of your website.
  • One click login allows for easy access to private areas right from the browser bar.


Completely integrated, 100% drag and drop form construction interface.

Squarespace Unlimited accounts contain an extremely sophisticated form construction module, which lets you create forms of any type and collect data from your visitors.

15 field types.

Our form builder is incredibly robust, supporting over 15 different data types, such as addresses, currency, emails, and text fields.

Microsoft Excel compatible.

Our form module natively saves your submissions to a Microsoft Excel data file, for easy analysis and recording.

Email receipts, email submissions.

Our form module can be configured to send out personalized email receipts, as well as report entries directly via email. We use our form module to power the contact us area of this very website.


Import from Blogger, Movable Type, Typepad, and Wordpress.

Squarespace supports simple importing for all of your site's data.

Export to Movable Type and XML. Your data is yours to keep. Squarespace supports exporting to MT format, and also is the only system on the web that gives you complete site snapshots that let you take your data anywhere. Site Snapshots. Squarespace sites can be snapshotted to XML, allowing you to move your data anywhere.


Full support system.

Our experienced support staff is on call to handle any issues you may have. Issues are always escalated to engineers quickly, and platform engineers are constantly monitoring the support system to ensure perfection.


No contracts. No credit card up front.

All Squarespace contracts are month to month (with yearly contracts offered at the 10% discount). Cancel at any time from the online interface with no questions asked.

Change plans any time.

It's simple to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Credits are applied automatically for partial months.

Flexible pricing.

Squarespace packages include generous amounts of bandwidth and storage -- but more importantly, our bandwidth and storage is actually reliable.