HTML Syntax Reference
Squarespace Mini-Reference

Text Tags

Emphasizes a word (italic).
Emphasizes a word (bold).
<h1>text</h1> <h2>text</h2> <h3>text</h3>
Creates headline formatted text.
Insert a line break.
Creates a preformatted text block.

Formatting Tags

Designates a paragraph of text.
<p style="text-align: (left|right|center|justify);">text</p>
Designates a paragraph of text that is aligned as specified.
Quotes an item of text.
Creates an ordered list.
Creates an unordered list.

Creating a Link

<a href="URL" target="new">title</a>
Creates hyperlink to location 'URL' with title 'title'. Add target="new" to make link open in a new browser window.
<a href="" target="new">title</a>
Creates an email link to '' with title 'title'.

Adding an Image

<img src="URL" alt="description"/>
Links image at location 'URL' with description 'description'.